There is no jobless for people in This world

There is never too late word for any ages to start business. we just need Dream, Love and confident. We could make money even no capital at all in our hand. By selling someone house, car, etc which want to  be sale. What we have to maintain are Networking, knowledge, and Time. Marketing by free blog and do ads to monetize. Make sure you do the best and try and try. To get accelerator we could stole idea from other people experience but still you have to balance with your own idea.

house for sale

1. If you living in remote place, How many people around your neighborhood. Start with people that you known. Research what they need for daily basis or imagine you go camping what would you bring to survive your life that’s the basic need.

2. If you living in good housing, How many family near around. What kind of community they are.  Are they going so far to buy things?

3. How about the geography. Do you live in mountain area, or beach area? How about providing their stuff.

4. If you want to be more creative , create something that people don’t need, forget about customer need. Use your imagination, something unique of you.

How you know it really work

1. One you start business , need dedication, committed, set  time to make it happen , make sure you get it done, and then you will get result

2. One mistake. Studying, how to fix it, and practice

3. Is it Time efficient, cost defective, increase growth exponentially

4. Is it fun doing it, are you need more time?.

5. It’s not easy but have to be done.

Good Luck